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Jasmin Jerry
Michale Joe

The SCALe project develops an innovative ecosystem consisting of  micro-courses to train Social Sciences, Theoretical, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technologies graduates to  address the new challenges posed by climate change, resource  efficiency, urbanisation and urban technological developments. The  micro-courses developed will introduce innovative elements to the  existing curricula. 

The following widely applicable competences that should be achieved through the SCALe micro courses: 


a) Transversal (soft) competences:

Creativity, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Ability to work in a Team, Social Skills, Ambiguity Tolerance, Motivation to Learn, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Vision, Intercultural Skills, Project and Process Management, Design Thinking, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving, Leadership and Management Skills, Stakeholder Management, Knowledge Management, Advanced Presentation Skills.

b) General IT (digital) competences:

Software development, IT Quality Assurance, IT Security, System and software architecture, Cloud computing, Internet of things, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning GIS technologies/Spatial data analysis

c) Smart Cities specific competences:

Smart Cities specific competences: Smart city context, policies and operating procedures, Smart cities platforms, Smart cities business models, Digital urban infrastructures and services, Smart cities standards and legal issues, Smart city social sustainability, Smart city resilience, Urban Management, Citizen- and community driven design, Smart city financial management and procurement, Green smart cities.

Virtual Learning Environment (MOOC)

Following the SCALe micro-courses development, the same competences-oriented courses are to be developed as professional
courses, offered via MOOCs.

Massive open online courses (MOOC) are online courses aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. As such the micro-courses will be available as MOOCs for acquiring the basic competencies of the job role profiles will be made available to all smart cities’ professionals in Asia.  

The MOOCs are developed with and within enterprises, introducing dual learning systems bridging tertiary studies with upper secondary VET to boost graduates’ employability. 

The proposed context for the professional courses has four major Learning Goals.


These four Learning objectives are the following:

1. Development the transversal skills.
2. Building an adequate IT knowledge background
3. Developing advances software development and operation skills
4. Developing smart city management skills

The following widely applicable competences that should be achieved through the SCALe micro courses