B2B cyber security

The internet has proven to be very important and crucial in the past fifteen years helping the world in various domain ranging from connecting people from all over the globe to jumpstarting small businesses into large industries. Surely enough it has made companies much bigger targets for hackers.

According to a 2016 report by keeper security and Ponemon Institute more than 50 percent have reported security breaches. According to a survey 8 out of 10 business owner think they have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately they are wrong. The least that could be done by hackers is “ransomware” attacks in which hackers encrypt data from the company’s database. In which case it will no longer be accessible from the host. This is also known as cyber-attack. The hackers will then proceed by asking for large amounts of money in return for data restoration. A Los Angeles hospital has agreed to pay 17.000$ in 2015 to regain access to its files. Ransomware attacks grew by nearly 170% in the past two years according to Intel security.

Every business should consider a solid IT department to secure the online transactions and ensure customer confidentiality. This is done by considering cyber security best practices, using different passwords for every website accessed and change them on a regular basis.  Obtain and regularly update anti-malware or anti-virus software. Make sure your computers’ operating systems and software are kept up to date.

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